A Digital Public Relations Company Since 2006
AH Global has been driving authentic, powerful coverage by online influencers for nearly a decade. We connect
you and your website with the hundreds of thousands of influential and respected bloggers in our network. We
help you secure the authentic, well-connected online coverage that has become core to gaining consumer trust
and SEO traction.
  Authentic Online Coverage for Influencer Endorsement and SEO
Real Stories from Real Bloggers
Our extensive network of bloggers write real, unique and independent articles about your company and offerings, posting on
their own influential blogs and all across Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and more.
Powerful Campaigns
Sample & Review
Events & Openings
Save the World
We hand-select respected bloggers in
Invite bloggers behind the scenes - for
Is your company doing something
your target customer demographic and
sneak peeks at your new products,
deeply inspiring to make the world
provide them access to your products
to an opening of a new location,
a better place?
Dedicating your
and services. They post respected
backstage at your event, or just a day
resources to a cause that lights hearts
reviews on their influential blogs and
with the geniuses in your secret labs.
on fire? Make impassioned bloggers
all across social media, providing
Their awesome experiences with you
a part of your world-changing actions
the authentic coverage that makes
become powerful and influential online
and have them bring the power of their
marketing and SEO efforts thrive.
coverage for your company.
influence for your goals.
Our Clients
Our clients range from small mom & pops, to Fortune 500’s, to marketing and SEO agencies who serve customers everywhere
between those two extremes. We’ve never met a project too large or too small for us to bring the power of BloggerSurge to.
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How it Works
We make it easy for you. BloggerSurge is turnkey. We collaborate with you at the beginning of the campaign to set
the scope and get things set up. After that, you can just sit back and watch the results roll in.
We work with you to understand your target customer and the Sample & Review™, Events & Offerings™ or
Save the World™ offering you want to base the campaign on.
Our research team goes out into our network of influential bloggers and identifies those who have the right
passions, audiences and topic areas for your offering.
Together with you, our communications team crafts the outreach messaging and assembles the Blogger
Assets Room - a shared online space where bloggers can access images, videos, logos, facts, etc. about your
company to provide high-quality content for their articles.
Sit back and relax! Our team begins engaging and activating the bloggers, getting them their samples or
invitations and ensuring they get their articles, posts, and links up online.
We keep you informed of the progress of the campaign, providing you ongoing reports on all bloggers’
postings, including screenshots of their blog and social media posts as well as data on their metrics on the
size of their audience reach and their SEO influence.
Flexible Pricing
Our pricing is a flexible pay-by-the-placement model with the fee based on the audience size or Moz Domain Authority of the
blog. You can set the scope of the campaign simply by defining the budget that you want to stay within and we will craft the
campaign to provide the number of bloggers/posts that fit into that budget.
Contact Us. We’d love to work with you!
BloggerSurge is a fully-scalable service. No campaign is too large or too small. We can secure just handful of bloggers for you
or many thousands - whatever your brand needs.
If you have any questions about our services, or would like to put the power of BloggerSurge behind your company, please
don’t hesitate to contact our CEO, Mark Harrison, at mharrison@ahglobal.com or on his direct line at 202.460.5597. We believe
in direct and personal service, and look forward to working in partnership with you.
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